Family Month - Tell Me More

We all want to have happy, healthy, life-giving families. But how do we get there? How can we stop comparing ourselves to the lives we imagine everyone else is living, and instead focus on becoming the best family we can be? What would that look like? How would you even start that conversation? We’re going to tell you. And we believe what you’ll learn in these 4 short weeks just might change the course of your family forever.

LWYL - Come & See

It’s amazing how so many of our significant life experiences can be traced back to a simple invitation. A lunch lead to a friendship, which lead to pursuing a career that connected you to the person that is now your spouse…is not an uncommon story. But, it all started with a simple invitation. Interestingly, the way Jesus intersects our lives—and the lives of others—is not much different. The tension? What if the invitation was never extended? Tune in to discover how your invitation is a lot more impactful than maybe even imagined.

LWYL - Purposefully Placed

Ever struggle to see the purpose in where you feel placed? It could be a job, a relationship, a city, or a season, that has struggling to see its purpose for our life. Here’s the thing, though: If you want to love where you live, we must be able to find purpose in where we’re placed. Fortunately, there’s a great story in the scriptures that can help us find purpose where God has placed us. Tune in…

LWYL - Think BIG. ACT small.

Somebody should do something about that…” How many of us have thought or uttered these words? Whether it’s the dishes in the sink, a need at the church, or a humanitarian issue, many of us hope somebody steps up. And, we have our reasons for staying on the side lines. But, what if God is asking us to Think BIG but ACT small in addressing the challenges around us? You might be surprised what God can do with small acts of obedience.

Love Where You Live - Commit To Community

You may have an idea of where you’d love to live, but a lot of us struggle to love where we live. We imagine taking more responsibility if (and when) we find the perfect community. It’s something we think about doing in the future somewhere else, not in the unimpressive here and now. But what if we decided to do things differently? What if we decided to invest the best of who we are into the people, places & problems we’re living in the midst of right now?

Vision Sunday - Pt2 - Mind The Gap

If you've ever been to London and rode subway, then you've heard the voice and seen the sign: "Mind The Gap".  It's a helpful reminder to watch your step as you move from the platform to the train.  It's also helpful in life as many of us want to move from where we are to where God is calling us to be.  But, that "Gap" between those two places in our lives is often scary to cross.  Tune in this week as we explore what it could look like to "Mind The Gap" and get to where we want to be.

I AM - The True Vine

Nobody likes dealing with identity theft issues.  You know the drill; there's a questionable charge, followed by phone calls, and then months later it gets resolved (hopefully).  Identity issues are just disorienting and disruptive.  But, here's the irony: Jesus want to disrupt and disorient our (perceived) identity because who you are determines who you'll be.  Don't worry, you don't have to make any phone calls.  Just tune in...

I AM - The Way, The Truth, & The Life

For many of us, we know WHERE we want to go, but often struggle finding the WAY there.  In college, we know we want to graduate.  In relationships, we know what we want (at least some of time).  For work, we know we want to do something we love.  And, even in our spiritual lives, we want joy, peace, hope, faith, love, etc.  The challenge isn't knowing what we want, it's finding the way to get there.  But, what if we have it backwards?  What if we focused on the WAY, rather than the WHERE, to get us there?  In today's episode, Jesus teaches, 'If you know the way, then you'll always be able to find your way.'

I AM - The Resurrection + The Life

When was a time you gained something by giving up another?  A healthy lifestyle for that sweets craving?  Financial freedom for going into debt?  A Mongoose Menace BMX bike for a pair of Air Jordan 11's?  Ironically, the same is true in our lives of faith.  But, the surprising thing is what God asks us to give up in order to gain something much, much better.  Tune in to discover God's offer for you...

I AM - The Good Shepherd

Retirement savings.  Eating kale.  That exercise bike in the garage.  What do they have in common?  These are all things we hope will pay off someday!  But, what about when it comes to our lives?  Where are we investing our lives, believing it will pay off someday?  In this week's message, Jesus teaches us about a worthwhile investment and how it will also make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of others.

I AM - The Gate [To Life]

For many of us, we are searching for 'The Good Life.'  Philosophers define it as, 'the kind of life one would like to live.'  You know, the lives we see depicted on social media platforms, right?  But, what is the good life and how do we access it?  One way many of us attempt to access it is by trying to choose the right gate.  The thought goes, 'If I can pick the right gate—the right school, right person, right job, right beliefs, etc.—then it will lead me to the good life.'  The challenge is...these "gates" don't lead us to the good life.  So, how do we access it?  Tune in to discover the one gate that leads to the good life.

I AM - The Light Of The World

Ever been in the dark about something?  You thought you knew something, but then really didn't know.  What about when it comes to God?  Have you ever felt in the dark about who God is and what God wants for your life?  Of course.  We all have.  That's why what Jesus says in The Gospel of John is so important for our lives.  So, tune in and get out of the dark...

I AM - The Bread of Life

Jesus is perhaps the most controversial & influential person in all of human history.  So many of us have thoughts, opinions and questions about who he was (and is).  But how did he see himself?  Seven times in the Gospel of John, Jesus describes himself in poetic metaphor. What do these statements mean?  And how can better understanding Jesus help us better understand ourselves?

FTTH - Take A Walk On The Light Side

With today's technology, it's virtually impossible to get lost.  There's even an app that will remember where you parked so you can make your way home.  However, that's not the case in life.  In life, there are many ways and means to get lost.  We get lost financially, relationally, and even spiritually.  So, what do you do when you feel lost?  The good news is the scripture can serve as a guide for our way.  But, you'll have to walk on the light side...

FTTH - The Journey To Maturity

There's nothing more frustrating than knowing where you want to be but feeling stuck.  The somewhat surprising thing is it's a hurdle we've all dealt with (or are still dealing with) before being able to move forward.  The good news's something the New Testament addressed...a lot.  Tune in to discover what's keeping you back and how to move from where you are to where you want to be.

From There To Here

Jesus claimed he came to help humans live life to the full. A lot of us fill our lives with a lot of things, but don’t necessarily feel like we’re living a full life. What does that even mean? What would that even look like?  The Apostle Paul believed knowing how to live stems from knowing who you are. He believed discovering your true self doesn’t happen instantaneously, but incrementally, as you move from one way of living to another, as you follow Jesus from there to here. 

Reception - Learning (How) To Listen

Learning to hear God's Voice involves being shaped by God's Word.  The more we know The Scriptures, the more our ability to hear and interpret God's Voice increases.  But, for many of us, we try to hear and understand what God might be saying through our own listening ability and devices, which leads us into confusing and frustrating seasons of life.  However, when we discover how to listen, then hearing God's Voice becomes loud and clear for our lives.