SGTC - The [Not-So] Secret To Success

Success in life often requires you to ignore the immediate reward in favor of the imminent reward. In other words: Find a way to delay gratification. Instant gratification is the biggest challenge to overall success. But, how do you overcome it? In this week’s podcast, King David faced the temptation of instant gratification. And, his story has a lot of helpful stuff for us to overcome this common trap so that we can achieve better results.

SGTC - A Better Strategy

Accomplishing big goals begins with automating small actions. This is different than our usual approach of trying to accomplish big goals with big actions. The reality is big actions don’t (always) equal big results. Rather, small routines can lead to accomplishing some Goliath-sized goals. This week, we discover how a shepherd boy defeated a giant warrior with God’s help, but also by deploying small, routine actions.

SGTC - Architecting Your Environment

If you could’ve designed a better 2018, what would you have changed? Ironically, the same recipe is used to to create a great year and a not-so-great year. So, the question is, ‘What is the recipe and how can we change the ingredients to create a better 2019?’ Tune in to discover how King David intentionally architecting his environment to become who God called him to be. And, how you can Architect Your Environment to design a better year, too.

Something's Got To Change - From That Day On

Ever have a From That Day On moment? You know, she said ‘Yes!’ or he broke your heart. You made a wise investment or made a decision to never be broke again! Many of us have experienced a From That Day On moment, but what really changed? Like, if you could package it, what was the main ingredient? This week, we learn how a subtle change could lead to a powerful From That Day on moment.

Christmas at South Hills - Love

Ever been a part of a gift exchange? Sometimes it’s fun. And, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s awkward. Isn’t this the tension we feel at Christmas with God’s gift of Jesus? Scripture tells us, “God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son…” How do you compete with that!? Well, God doesn’t want us to compete with his gift but there is a way to receive his gift and somewhat reciprocate His gift. Tune in…

Christmas at South Hills - Hope

Christmas is supposed to be the best time of year. We place such enormous expectations on the Holiday season to fill our lives with the hope, peace, joy, and love we’re longing for. But, what if things don’t go according to plan, and you’re not where you want to be, and people don’t do what you want them to do, and you don’t get what you asked for? These are the questions the Christmas story confronts. Jesus’ birth radically reframed for humanity where hope, peace, joy, and love truly come from and how we go about experiencing them. What if Christmas isn’t what you thought it was, what if it’s something so much bigger and better?

TPPFIP - Job Training

Those who give most freely [get to] live most fully (let that sink in for a minute). This is the secret access to The Good Life (that’s not so secret). If this is true, then the Not-So-Good Life principle would be: those who give most stingily get to live most scarcely. So, then, how you give correlates to the life you [get to] live. This week, we investigate where we are giving and ask: Is it building The Good Life as God defines it?

The Perfect Place For Imperfect People

We’re all looking for people and places that are positive, encouraging, life-giving, and accepting of us regardless of where we’ve been and what we’ve done. But where do we find these kinds of places? There never seem to be enough. What if instead of finding a place like that, you wanted to form a place like that? How would you do that? What would it take? And once you found out, would you think it’s worth the effort?

Family Month - Peace IS Possible

Why is it easier to solve someone else’s relational issues than our own? You know how it goes: You are an expert at what other people need to do but it gets complicated and cloudy when it comes to your own path. And, what is the cost of our unresolved relational issues? Answer: Peace. We were designed to be at peace within our relationships. But, how do we get there? You might be surprised to discover one biblical author’s teaching for the path to peace…

Family Month - Tell Me More

We all want to have happy, healthy, life-giving families. But how do we get there? How can we stop comparing ourselves to the lives we imagine everyone else is living, and instead focus on becoming the best family we can be? What would that look like? How would you even start that conversation? We’re going to tell you. And we believe what you’ll learn in these 4 short weeks just might change the course of your family forever.

LWYL - Come & See

It’s amazing how so many of our significant life experiences can be traced back to a simple invitation. A lunch lead to a friendship, which lead to pursuing a career that connected you to the person that is now your spouse…is not an uncommon story. But, it all started with a simple invitation. Interestingly, the way Jesus intersects our lives—and the lives of others—is not much different. The tension? What if the invitation was never extended? Tune in to discover how your invitation is a lot more impactful than maybe even imagined.

LWYL - Purposefully Placed

Ever struggle to see the purpose in where you feel placed? It could be a job, a relationship, a city, or a season, that has struggling to see its purpose for our life. Here’s the thing, though: If you want to love where you live, we must be able to find purpose in where we’re placed. Fortunately, there’s a great story in the scriptures that can help us find purpose where God has placed us. Tune in…

LWYL - Think BIG. ACT small.

Somebody should do something about that…” How many of us have thought or uttered these words? Whether it’s the dishes in the sink, a need at the church, or a humanitarian issue, many of us hope somebody steps up. And, we have our reasons for staying on the side lines. But, what if God is asking us to Think BIG but ACT small in addressing the challenges around us? You might be surprised what God can do with small acts of obedience.