I AM - The Resurrection + The Life

When was a time you gained something by giving up another?  A healthy lifestyle for that sweets craving?  Financial freedom for going into debt?  A Mongoose Menace BMX bike for a pair of Air Jordan 11's?  Ironically, the same is true in our lives of faith.  But, the surprising thing is what God asks us to give up in order to gain something much, much better.  Tune in to discover God's offer for you...

I AM - The Good Shepherd

Retirement savings.  Eating kale.  That exercise bike in the garage.  What do they have in common?  These are all things we hope will pay off someday!  But, what about when it comes to our lives?  Where are we investing our lives, believing it will pay off someday?  In this week's message, Jesus teaches us about a worthwhile investment and how it will also make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of others.

I AM - The Gate [To Life]

For many of us, we are searching for 'The Good Life.'  Philosophers define it as, 'the kind of life one would like to live.'  You know, the lives we see depicted on social media platforms, right?  But, what is the good life and how do we access it?  One way many of us attempt to access it is by trying to choose the right gate.  The thought goes, 'If I can pick the right gate—the right school, right person, right job, right beliefs, etc.—then it will lead me to the good life.'  The challenge is...these "gates" don't lead us to the good life.  So, how do we access it?  Tune in to discover the one gate that leads to the good life.

I AM - The Light Of The World

Ever been in the dark about something?  You thought you knew something, but then discover...you really didn't know.  What about when it comes to God?  Have you ever felt in the dark about who God is and what God wants for your life?  Of course.  We all have.  That's why what Jesus says in The Gospel of John is so important for our lives.  So, tune in and get out of the dark...

I AM - The Bread of Life

Jesus is perhaps the most controversial & influential person in all of human history.  So many of us have thoughts, opinions and questions about who he was (and is).  But how did he see himself?  Seven times in the Gospel of John, Jesus describes himself in poetic metaphor. What do these statements mean?  And how can better understanding Jesus help us better understand ourselves?

FTTH - Take A Walk On The Light Side

With today's technology, it's virtually impossible to get lost.  There's even an app that will remember where you parked so you can make your way home.  However, that's not the case in life.  In life, there are many ways and means to get lost.  We get lost financially, relationally, and even spiritually.  So, what do you do when you feel lost?  The good news is the scripture can serve as a guide for our way.  But, you'll have to walk on the light side...

FTTH - The Journey To Maturity

There's nothing more frustrating than knowing where you want to be but feeling stuck.  The somewhat surprising thing is it's a hurdle we've all dealt with (or are still dealing with) before being able to move forward.  The good news is...it's something the New Testament addressed...a lot.  Tune in to discover what's keeping you back and how to move from where you are to where you want to be.

From There To Here

Jesus claimed he came to help humans live life to the full. A lot of us fill our lives with a lot of things, but don’t necessarily feel like we’re living a full life. What does that even mean? What would that even look like?  The Apostle Paul believed knowing how to live stems from knowing who you are. He believed discovering your true self doesn’t happen instantaneously, but incrementally, as you move from one way of living to another, as you follow Jesus from there to here. 

Reception - Learning (How) To Listen

Learning to hear God's Voice involves being shaped by God's Word.  The more we know The Scriptures, the more our ability to hear and interpret God's Voice increases.  But, for many of us, we try to hear and understand what God might be saying through our own listening ability and devices, which leads us into confusing and frustrating seasons of life.  However, when we discover how to listen, then hearing God's Voice becomes loud and clear for our lives.

Reception - The Choice To Hear God's Voice

Ever feel like you just can’t get through to God?  Like you’re asking, seeking, knocking; but not hearing a whole lot back?  Ever wondered if you’re doing it right, or if the connection’s bad, or if there’s even anyone on the other end?  What does the Bible mean when it says things like “the voice of God”?  Is that a thing?  Does God talk to people? How?  If you’ve ever wondered any of these things, buckle up, because we’re going there.

Overcome: Now Or Later?

In life, we have unavoidable mountains to climb and overcome.  But, there are also unnecessary mountains we often find ourselves having to climb and overcome.  We make a certain financial purchase that creates an unnecessary burden.  Or, our relational decisions leave us in an all-too-familiar place.  What if we could avoid these unnecessary mountains altogether?  The path will require us to walk wisely.  Tune in to to discover how we can do just that.

Overcome: When You Just Can't Even

What do you do when there's nothing you can do?  The relationship isn't going as planned.  You're financial dreams keep slipping out of reach.  The doctor's report is seriously going to impact your life.  There are seasons and circumstances in life that feel like there is no way forward and no way out.  So, what do you do when there's nothing you can do?  The good news is...the stories and characters from scripture were not absent of adversity in their lives.  This week we will discover some helpful ways to deal with these difficult seasons.  

Overcome: The Secret Weapon

Ever feel like you’re stuck, in a holding pattern, like you just can’t move on or move forward?
The obstacle between you & your dreams seems absolutely insurmountable. You feel option-less, powerless, paralyzed. It could be a person, a prejudice, a past hurt, or a present handicap; but overcoming it feels as impossible as moving a mountain with your mind. But what if your story isn’t doomed? Scripture tells us the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is available to us, today. What does that even mean? And how might understanding it unlock a better tomorrow?

Easter 2018: A New Day Dawning

The Resurrection should be obvious, right?  And, easy to believe?  Well, not always...and not to everyone, which can be challenging.  Anytime we realize something is more difficult than imagined, it can be discouraging.  The good news is...the first followers of Jesus didn't believe, at first.  So, don't be discouraged if you're challenged by The Resurrection.  Rather, discover it for yourself.  It could be a new day dawning in your life, too.

Dinner Parties - Go & Make Preparations

There are some moments that are just more significant than others.  But, we often don't recognize what's happening until it's passed.  The same is true when it comes to our faith.  When God is doing some important stuff in our lives, we often miss these moments.  In Jesus' story, the disciples were no different.  God was doing huge things but many were slow to realize it.  Check out this week's podcast for some great insights to help us grab our moment...

Dinner Parties - It's Worth The Effort

Ever notice how some small efforts can have significant effects on our lives?  Like the time someone remembered your birthday, or invited you to lunch, or just took the time to call?  When someone makes an effort on our behalf, it really means a lot.  But, what about when it comes to faith?  Or, someone else's faith?  Can just a little bit of effort really make a difference?  It did in one of Jesus' stories...  

Dinner Parties - Let's Party (Pastor Chris Sonksen)

Part of God’s grand scheme to save the world was…dinner parties? Jesus spent a lot of time eating with the wrong kinds of people—misfits, rejects, outcasts, liars, thieves & prostitutes. Interestingly enough, these meals were less about preaching to them and more about being present with them. Of all the ways a Savior could spend His limited life, why dinner parties? And how should the way He invested His time influence the way we invest ours?