LWYL 19 - Think BIG. ACT small.

Ever think, ‘Someone should do something about that…’? For many of us, we come across something that bothers us or maybe even breaks our hearts and we wish someone would do something about it. But, what if that “thing” is some thing that God is wanting us to notice so we can be ones to do something about it? There’s a story in the scriptures where the disciples faced a similar situation. And, Jesus’ response? It’s something we should all do some thing about…

Love Where You Live - Margin Makes The Difference

What’s the one thing you need to Love Where You Live? Good schools? Fun places to eat? A fireplace? While there might be a few different options, the Gospel of Luke tells a story about how Jesus highlighted this one thing we need to not only love where we live but also to make a difference with our lives. As we launch this new series, don’t miss this most needed thing to actually Love Where You Live.

(Re)Gifting - Be Rich

Ever assume if something comes to me, then it must be for me? Why is it that we make this assumption? And, is there something we should be aware of when making this assumption? There’s a story in the Gospel of Luke where Jesus pivots to tell this pointed parable about how many of us are tempted to fall into this familiar trap. But, Jesus also tells us how to overcome it with something better.

(Re)Gifting - Money Masters

Life is full of “must have” things: Coffee in the morning, naps for small children, Chic-Fil-A on a weekly basis, etc. Money is also a “must have” thing in life but the question is, ‘Do we have money?’ or ‘Does money have us?’ In Matthew 6, Jesus gives us some helpful insight into those questions that can help us learn how to be Masters of Money rather than Mastered by Money.

Love Handles - Anger Management

Ever wonder if you have an anger problem (asking for a friend…)? When Jesus showed up and invited people to live a new way of life, the first thing he addresses is…anger. Really? Why? Here’s Jesus’ point? You have an anger problem. We have an anger problem. Our culture has an anger problem. And, the only way to begin to live in God’s Kingdom is to deal with the anger in our hearts. Fortunately for us, Jesus shows us the way…

Love Handles - Believe The Best or Suspect The Worst?

Many of us pursue things or people with the belief that it we can find the right thing or person then everything will be all right. However, a better approach is to focus on becoming the right person. How do we do that? This week, we unpack one of the most famous passages in the scriptures to discover how this one choice can help us become the kind of person we’ve wanted to be all along.

SGTC - The [Not-So] Secret To Success

Success in life often requires you to ignore the immediate reward in favor of the imminent reward. In other words: Find a way to delay gratification. Instant gratification is the biggest challenge to overall success. But, how do you overcome it? In this week’s podcast, King David faced the temptation of instant gratification. And, his story has a lot of helpful stuff for us to overcome this common trap so that we can achieve better results.

SGTC - A Better Strategy

Accomplishing big goals begins with automating small actions. This is different than our usual approach of trying to accomplish big goals with big actions. The reality is big actions don’t (always) equal big results. Rather, small routines can lead to accomplishing some Goliath-sized goals. This week, we discover how a shepherd boy defeated a giant warrior with God’s help, but also by deploying small, routine actions.

SGTC - Architecting Your Environment

If you could’ve designed a better 2018, what would you have changed? Ironically, the same recipe is used to to create a great year and a not-so-great year. So, the question is, ‘What is the recipe and how can we change the ingredients to create a better 2019?’ Tune in to discover how King David intentionally architecting his environment to become who God called him to be. And, how you can Architect Your Environment to design a better year, too.

Something's Got To Change - From That Day On

Ever have a From That Day On moment? You know, she said ‘Yes!’ or he broke your heart. You made a wise investment or made a decision to never be broke again! Many of us have experienced a From That Day On moment, but what really changed? Like, if you could package it, what was the main ingredient? This week, we learn how a subtle change could lead to a powerful From That Day on moment.

Christmas at South Hills - Love

Ever been a part of a gift exchange? Sometimes it’s fun. And, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s awkward. Isn’t this the tension we feel at Christmas with God’s gift of Jesus? Scripture tells us, “God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son…” How do you compete with that!? Well, God doesn’t want us to compete with his gift but there is a way to receive his gift and somewhat reciprocate His gift. Tune in…

Christmas at South Hills - Hope

Christmas is supposed to be the best time of year. We place such enormous expectations on the Holiday season to fill our lives with the hope, peace, joy, and love we’re longing for. But, what if things don’t go according to plan, and you’re not where you want to be, and people don’t do what you want them to do, and you don’t get what you asked for? These are the questions the Christmas story confronts. Jesus’ birth radically reframed for humanity where hope, peace, joy, and love truly come from and how we go about experiencing them. What if Christmas isn’t what you thought it was, what if it’s something so much bigger and better?