Mouthy - Best Pep Talk, Ever

Words have the power to inspire us to no end.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. moved us to dream of a new America.  William Wallace in Braveheart filled us with courage to fight!  And, (on a lighter note) who could forget Dwight Schrute's speech at the regional salesmen of the year conference?  Although the words of others inspire us, what about the words we say to ourselves?  Uplifting?  Or, something else?  Tune in as we discover some tools to pep talk ourselves.

Subtraction - Hammers & Swords

Ever see a video or read an article that was helpful?  Like, a helpful workout video or an article on raising kids?  But, then you scroll down and read the comments and realize not everyone "liked" what you thought was helpful.  It seems like whenever you or someone attempts to pursue something positive, there's always opposition.  So, what can we learn from it?  And, how do we overcome it?  Tune in to discover some great insight from Nehemiah 4...


Ever scroll down and read the comments on a video or an article?  Most of it is usually positive.  But, there's always someone "disliking" 

PresenTS/CE of...LOVE

Ever experienced an awkward gift exchange moment?  You know, like that time you brought a $25 gift and they showed up with something expensive...  It's awkward and we don't know how to respond.  Isn't this our tension with God at Christmas?  God gives us Jesus and we're just trying to make it to church a few times during the season.  So, what do we give God after He's given us such an incredible gift?  Tune in...

PresenTS/CE of...HOPE

During the holiday season, we obsess over picking the right present for the people we love. What we have a hard time with is knowing how to be present with those same people; to be in the moment, attentive, undistracted, and completely ourselves. If the most valuable present you could give is your presence, which embodies hope, peace, joy, & love, what would that look like, and what might it require of you?