The Songs we sing

Worship is much more than just a song - it's a way of honoring God through the way that we live our lives, interact with people around us, show generosity to others, and much more. 

Worship songs do, however, help us to communicate our feelings and beliefs towards God, and also to remember God's feelings and beliefs towards us. 

It's good for us to sing together because it reminds us that we aren't alone. 

It's good for us to sing together because it encourages people that might not "feel" like singing. 

It's good for us to sing together, because our Father God loves when his kids sing for him - just like any human parent would! 

On this page you will find a playlist with some of the most common songs that we sing together on Sundays. Listen to them when you need hope, encouragement, or even a mid-day attitude adjustment. Trust me - it works.